Two wealthy heroes were hailed for their courage during a knife attack at Manchester's Arndale Center, which stabbed three people.

Police congratulated the two men – a staff member and a member of the public – who intervened when a gunman with a large knife was unleashed Friday, dipping his gaze into the stores.

Acts of courage emerged during the reopening of the mall as a result of the attack.

People walk in front of the entrance to the Arndale Shopping Center
The Arndale Center reopened after the attack

40-year-old man initially arrested on suspicion of terrorism was later arrested detained under the Mental Health Act.

Counterterrorism officers continue to conduct the investigation, but keep an open mind as to the reasons for the attack. It is understood that no political, religious or ideological motivation has yet been discovered.

The investigators also searched the suspect's address in Manchester as part of their investigations.

Mayor of the Manchester Metropolitan Area, Andy Burnham, said the attack appeared to be "more related to mental health" than motivated by political or religious reasons.

In a statement, the police said: "The arrested man was found unsuitable for custody and had to be transferred to a psychiatric detention center."

The force added: "We now know that at least one Arndale staff member and a member of the public have intervened in the attack and we would like to congratulate them and thank them for their courage."

Speaking at a press conference at Arndale that reopened on Saturday, Mr Burnham said the attack had been "extremely painful".

But he added, "This would seem like an isolated incident, this morning's message is that things go as usual.

"It's important not to jump to conclusions, but what I can say is that at this point, it would seem that there are more mental health issues that political or religious motivations – but of course, we need to allow the police to conduct their investigations thoroughly and we keep an open mind until the work is done. "

Deputy Mayor Beverley Hughes said, "At least one member of the public and one security personnel here, it was said, have shown the greatest bravery in this situation, and the security personnel of the Arndale Center played a very important role bringing medical supplies and treating the wounded here in this home until the arrival of the ambulance service. "

A man in his fifties, a 19-year-old woman and another victim were rushed to hospital with a stab wound after the attack.

Two other women were treated at the scene by doctors.