Fashion in politics and in politicians

Frivolity is cultivated in politics and fashion is an element that influences citizens when it comes to electing representatives. Hence, the image factor is so important. Initially, the macho politicians prevailed trying to give a virile and serious image: Hitler, Mussolini, Franco. They failed to carry out their follies: the Nazi committed suicide, the fascist was hanged from a pole and the leader exhumed from his Valley of the Fallen. They were followed by others with intellectual, cultured, witty and reflective traits: Churchill, Azaña, De Gaulle, Adenauer €, who laid the foundations of the EU and left their mark. Next, the cynical and cheating patriots who have ended up abducted by the revolving doors of the Ibex 35 and giving ethics lessons, self-conscious about ignoring speaking languages: Felipe González, Aznar, Zapatero € Now the uneducated and rude who carry the impudence have prevailed per flag. Without sense of ridicule, who communicate through social networks kicking the syntax: Donny Trump, whom Wall Street and his party have dropped in shame, although they believe in the epic of dying by killing and do not accept defeat. Boris Johnson, lost in the labyrinth of Brexi. The fool Bolsanaro, infected with covid-19, boasts of not wearing a protective muzzle. Rajoy: master of enigmatic speeches whose meaning is studied at the RAE. To this group of scholars the comic politicians belong to: the Italian founder of the 5 Star Movement, Beppe Grillo, or the current president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, also a comic by profession. And in Spain the quarry is fertile, since we have, among many others, Casado, Ayuso, Revilla and the self-conscious barons of the PSOE who make up the prestigious heritage of Spanish politicians.


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