FC Barcelona: Barcelona’s defense is a puzzle: all the keys

Ehe Barcelona has been working for a long time on the preparation of the squad for the next season. One of the lines in which there will be more movement is in defense. Some of the decisions have already been made, but at this time there are several unknowns that remain to be solved. At the end of the season, the sports management will meet with Ronald Koeman to define how to be the defense of the next season. Although the Dutchman is seen periodically with Ramn Planes and Mateu Alemany, At the conclusion of the competition it will be time to execute.

Goal by Mingueza (2-1) at Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona

The first decision was made a long time ago and is the incorporation of Eric Garca. Club and player have been negotiating for a long time because he is a footballer who could already have belonged to Barcelona in the two previous markets. In fact, there is already a closed agreement that in recent weeks has been renegotiated because the club reduced the player’s income. The agreement is very close.

There will be five centers on the squad; Umtiti, to the market

With the arrival of Eric, there will be six centers on the squad. The idea is that the number is reduced to five. Samuel Umtiti be in the market looking for a club that wants to buy it. The market price is over 10 millionAlthough the biggest problem is in the record that the footballer perceives and that is available to few clubs. The sports department has Clement Lenglet even though he hasn’t had a good season and is staying. To this day his departure is not contemplated in any case. It is valued that he will be the only left-handed central defender and that he has a contract until 2026.

Guardiola: “I think Eric Garca is going to sign for Barcelona”

Barcelona last week sold the two-year option it had over Mingueza, whose execution deadline ends on May 31. In an extra official way, they had already communicated to the footballer that it will be effective. And what to be first team player to all effects. Mingueza is having an excellent end of the season and, although there was a report that advised a transfer at the end of the season, he would finally stay in the first team.

The Bara decks definitively sign Emerson

One of the characteristics that has been highly valued positively of Mingueza is his versatility. He can play as a center-back, but also as a right-back and with a good arrival in the rival area. And here you have to make an important decision and that is whether the club definitely sign Emerson or not. Koeman, who takes it for granted that he will continue or at least works as if it were the case, has Dest as a born right-back and Sergi Roberto and Mingueza who can act in that demarcation.

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However, the option of recovering the Betic defender is on the table after the good season he is having. And here comes a very complex contractual situation between Betis and Barcelona in which there are purchase options, capital gains and rights to a future sale at stake. A real economic gibberish that conditions the decision to be made.

Junior Firpo, is on the market

In the left back position there will also be movement. The club look for a way out for Junior Firpo that he has not performed as expected of him. If a buyer club is finally found, the Barça sports management seriously values ​​the recovery of Juan Miranda, a defender on loan at Betis. The club can execute a two-year option on the footballer and from there decide whether to recover him for the first team, leave him on loan to Betis for one more year or accept any of the offers. There are several clubs interested in it.


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