FC Barcelona | Laporta: “It may be easier and cheaper to build a new Camp Nou”

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Joan Laporta, a pre-candidate for the elections to FC Barcelona, has explained in an interview on the portal ‘Goal‘which does not rule out making a new Camp Nou if you become president of the FC Barcelona. “It may be easier and cheaper to build a new stadium at once than to reform the Camp Nou in phases, it is an emblematic project that should last seventy years ”, he points out.

Laporta and his new Camp Nou project

“Whenever I talk about Barça space I do a preview. You have to do a due diligence because you don’t have to be very clever to see that the photo has been moving and nothing has been done. First it cost 600 million euros. In 2016 there were already 825, signing a contract with Goldman Sachs, pending ratification. In 2021 the urban plan has been approved and nothing else. The financing has not been closed and we have to know how much it will cost because according to the experts it will cost much more money. Furthermore, the architectural project was never voted on by the partners. There are few partners who know it and it is an emblematic project because it has to last us seventy years ”, details the former Barça president.

Further, Laporta insists that “if there is the possibility, I would like to hold an architecture competition to submit the three winning projects to the vote of the partners. I do not know if it will be feasible because I do not know the degree of commitment to the companies awarded the work but that is my will. The due dilligence it will tell us which is the best model for the stadium. Building it in phases makes the product more expensive and you have to analyze it well. It may be easier to do it all at once than in phases, since everything indicates that it will be more expensive than what they have told us, ”he emphasizes.

[+] Joan Laporta analyzed the future of the Camp Nou in detail two weeks ago in Esport 3:

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