FC Barcelona puts the signing of Gerson on track … and puts 2 referents up for sale

Changes in sight at FC Barcelona. The arrival of Joan Laporta to the presidency of the whole of the city of Barcelona has brought with it the appearance of a more than remarkable number of information about possible movements within the staff of the whole of the city of Barcelona. With the renewal of Lionel Messi becoming a real priority, different names have also emerged in the form of additions.

Follow after this announcement

The option that most seduces is the one with Neymar as the protagonist, although the high demands of Paris Saint Germain regarding its star, as well as his millionaire salary, do not make it an easy option.

Agreement by Gerson

There has also been long talk of other zero-cost options in order to strengthen both the defense (Eric García, Manchester City), the core (Georginio Wijnaldum, Liverpool) and the attack (Sergio Agüero, Manchester City; Memphis Depay, Olympique de Lyon).

The one who seems very close to joining the culé project is a Brazilian player. Specifically, and according to Alfredo Duro reveals in The beach barThis is the midfielder Gerson, a 23-year-old footballer who currently defends the colors of Flamengo and who is already known in Europe after his time in Rome and Fiorentina.

Jordi Alba and Busquets, for sale

Thus, the whole of the city of Barcelona already has an agreement with the canaryTherefore, this possibility will have to be followed closely in the coming months once the transferring market is kicked off.

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On the contrary, Joan Laporta wants to get rid of two of the key pieces of the team. In this case it is the left-handed winger Jordi Alba (32) and the midfielder Sergio Busquets (32), whom he has already put up for sale, according to the previous source. The reason is none other than their high salaries and the evident need for the entity in order to balance its accounts. Will you find a buyer?

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