FC Barcelona: The Barcelona market starts: Eric Garca s, but down




El Barcelona has already set to work towards preparing the squad for next season. A few days ago, Mateu Alemany took possession of his position as the maximum responsible for the sports field and has begun to make decisions. One of them has been to give the green light to incorporacin de Eric Garca, a footballer who was very close to signing for Barcelona in the last two market windows.

However, the matter is not as simple as it may seem. Garcia already had a agreement closed with Barcelona for about a year that it would have been executed if Barcelona and Manchester City had reached an agreement on the transfer figures, something that in the end did not happen either last summer or in the last winter market. The defender contract ends on June 30 so now we no longer have to reach an agreement with City.

Guardiola: “I think Eric Garca is going to play for Barcelona”

Barcelona has now modified the amounts of that contract going down. The covid pandemic has caused a huge decrease in income in all the clubs and the azulgrana is not an exception. The new proposal of the sports management is downwards compared to the previous agreement and now the footballer is thinking about it.

Eric Garca has always wanted to play for Barcelona and has bet very hard to reach the Camp Nou. In fact, refused to renew for Manchester City despite Guardiola’s insistence that he do so. His wish was to wear Barça again, he was a player in the lower categories in At the table, and for that reason he did not want to listen to the proposal of the English club pending an agreement with Bara.

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Now it finds itself with an inferior proposal in the economic aspect than what it agreed to. The technical secretary continues to support the recruitment of this footballer, but the economic managers want other amounts. A reduction in salary, as soon as it will also be negotiated with the rest of the footballers of the first team.

The situation is now at this point. The footballer, who can negotiate freely with any other club, studies the downward proposal presented by the sports department.


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