FC Barcelona: The UEFA Financial Fair Play makes Neymar’s dream almost impossible




El name of Neymar it sounds loud again. Few days ago RAC1 assured that the Barça club had already contacted the PSG to probe the return of the Brazilian star. It would be the second attempt after a failed first in conditions, moreover, more favorable than the current ones.

And it is that right now, apart from that the PSG is very advanced in the renovation, Although the fact that the Brazilian did not finish signing fuels this type of rumor, Bara will no longer find himself only with the demands of PSG, but will have as the main obstacle saving the Financial Fair Play from UEFA.

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If not long ago it was the PSG that presides Nasser al Khelaifi, who has recently been appointed president of the ECA after being scared of Agnelli for the controversy Superliga, who was under close surveillance, now is the Barca because of its enormous debt. With a liability of 1,173 million euros and a short-term debt of about 730 million euros according to the report provided by the previous Board of Directors with Bartomeu At the head, the question being asked in Paris is how the club will be able to present an offer for the Brazilian and also renew Messi’s millionaire contract without breaking the norm.

El Bara, on the other hand, has already had to make an effort without addressing either of these two operations to comply with the rules set by UEFA. To its president, Aleksander Ceferin, it does not seem that his pulse is going to tremble and less after the last maneuver of the Super League that leaves the Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. Cefern said these clubs will be held accountable. Joan Laporta, Despite the pressure, he has remained firm and hand in hand with Real Madrid in this mega project, aware that it was one of his ways of salvation and of making quick money to save the delicate economic situation.

Any option of an unfeasible operation today is for Bara to sell players to lighten, on the one hand, its wage bill, with footballers such as Coutinho, Pjanic o Umtiti. And get money in transfers and in this chapter Bara will have to get money for Griezmann, with a large market, to make room for Neymar. And it is that renewing Messi, the highest paid player in the world, and recovering Neymar, second on the list with 37 million net per year, is more than complicated even for any healthy club.

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Leonardo, PSG sports director, was not so blunt in the last public appearance about the future of Neymar. There is already an agreement reached between the two parties that has not yet borne fruit, but it was the player himself who, before the first leg of the semifinals against City, made it clear that his will is to continue in Paris, where he is already much closer to home. taste.

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PSG, meanwhile, has come out against very strengthened against UEFA being next to Bayern the two clubs that have positioned themselves against the Super League. Regarding the relations between the two clubs, they have never been very good but they have sat down to negotiate when Neymar pressured to leave Paris. In addition, the Qatari club is not very given to accepting players and two years ago Bara’s proposal seemed insufficient, which included several first-team players with more money, although now the Brazilian will enter his last season next season. year of contract if not renewed.

Finally, the judicial obstacle that divides both parties will have to be overcome. For a long time Neymar and Bara They argue for money and there are several open procedures for different amounts that the two parties claim. The most important, that of 44 million euros, A judge agreed with Barcelona, ​​but Neymar’s lawyers have appealed it. Therefore, the best conditions to negotiate are not in place and, if they do so, both parties will have to agree on this dispute and have not done so at the moment.


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