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During an inspection by Ofsted in February, the house was found to be in a "bad" overall condition.

Residents of a children's home have called the police for concerns about their own safety, the inspectors said.

Watchdog Ofsted also criticized cleanliness and conditions in the unnamed House in Herefordshire.

One person told an inspector that she was "scared" by the behavior of another resident

Formerly called "need for improvement," an interim inspection said that "efficacy has diminished."

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The home run by Compass Children's Homes Limited looks after young people with emotional or behavioral problems.

A February inspection said it was in a "bad" overall condition.

In his report, Ofsted said, "The young people's bathroom floor is dirty, the sink is missing, and there is no soap or towels."

An insecure bed was the only issue dealt with at the inspection.

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The report also said to one of the residents: "There were times when the young person felt it necessary to call the police for fear of their own safety and personal safety.

"The extent of damage to a property by a young person was significant, resulting in several windows being broken, showing aggression and seriously attacking the staff.

"These incidents required the support of the police.

When the impact of these incidents on the adolescent was discussed with the registered manager, he replied, "She has never been physically injured. "This shows a lack of understanding about the emotional well-being of the adolescents."

Compass Children's Homes said: "Since Ofsted's inspection of this particular house five weeks ago, the house has been completely refurbished, a new management team has been set up, and staff have been trained.

"We expect these improvements to be reflected in Ofsted's upcoming monitoring report."