Features of the new Xiaomi portable blender

As is already known, one of the largest companies with respect to technology is Xiaomi, which year after year innovates in its products, which is why many of its smart items are considered, by users, as one of the best, since they have many special features that stand out before his adversaries, it is for these reasons that he takes out his new appliance, the Xiaomi blender which is portable and wireless.

Features of the Xiaomi blender

The main feature of the new Xiaomi blender is that it has a battery built into the device, which can be charged with energy by connecting USB cable to Type C input, which allows you to make use of this gadget without the need to be connected to the current like most of its adversaries, so it makes it special for people who like to go on a trip and want to get to prepare something.

The new Xiaomi portable blender can be used without being connected to the power. Photo: Linio

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Another special feature of the Xiaomi wireless portable blender is that it has an engine that reaches the 28,000 rpm. For what makes it special for some preparations that can be made in this appliance, this means that it has enough force to be able to work while it is not connected to the current, which makes it special to be able to make a sauce while it is located on the beach.

On top of that, Xiaomi’s portable blender features a minimalist design which makes it very compact to be this type of appliance, making it perfect for traveling as it can be stored in a backpack or a bag of the people you want to go out with, apart from that, most of its parts They are removable, making it ideal for when it is going to be transported and thus reducing its size and it is also very useful for when you want to clean the device.

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How much does the Xiaomi blender cost?

In order to acquire the new appliance of the Xiaomi company, the portable and wireless blender, it is necessary to go to the official website of the company, it can also be found at virtual shops like the Line, in which this article can have a cost that ranges between $ 839 Mexican pesos, so it makes it very special and at a very affordable price, which is why users have positively commented on this article.

Xiaomi and its products

Currently, the Xiaomi technology company has various products that can help people to solve most of the problems that can be found in their daily lives, it is for these reasons that they always try to get Smart gadgets to make life easier for the users, one of them is your aspiradora robot, MI Robot Vacuum, which can be controlled by means of a smartphone from the actuality.


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