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Berlin (dts news agency) – The Federal Cabinet has approved the Brexit trade agreement between the EU and Great Britain. The cabinet members had agreed in a telephone switch, said the deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer on Monday afternoon in Berlin. The EU Commission and the British government agreed on the trade agreement on Thursday.

Shortly before the end of the Brexit transition phase, it was still possible to prevent a “hard Brexit”. One of the last points of contention in the negotiations was the dispute over future rights for EU fishermen in British waters. The approval of the EU states is a prerequisite for the agreement to come into force. The British Parliament and the EU Parliament also still have to deal with the paper. The United Kingdom actually left the EU on January 31, but the transition phase ran until December 31, during which the British remained in the EU internal market and in the customs union.

Photo: EU and UK flags, via dts news agency

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