The Fen Tiger has been in the Cambridgeshire countryside for more than 30 years, but few pictures have captured the extent of the mysterious entity – until now. Jamie Newby, 46, from Wisbech, and his fiancée Hayley noticed the big cat about 400 years away from their AirBnB in Ipswich. The shocked vacationer then quickly took out his camera to film the animal as it sat in the tall grass before he noticed something in the green.

Mr. Newby said he was impressed by the size of the animal, which he says looks bigger than a Labrador.

He said to Cambridgeshire Live: "Our first thought was that maybe it was a Muntjac stag, as we had seen it in the same field the day before.

"It was my fiancée who said it looked like a big cat. We grabbed a pair of binoculars that the owner left in the room.

"I grabbed my camera and zoomed in, which you can see in the footage.

"Unfortunately my memory card was only 2 GB in size and the footage was full and my camera shut down when it crashed or killed something.

"It was only after the online search that we realized it could be a Scottish wildcat.

He added, "The size immediately impressed me. The day before, I saw a dogwalker walking in the same place on a Labrador, and the cat looked bigger.

"The neck, the muscle mass. I read a little bit more about them and they hunt early between 6 and 7 o'clock and they like to stay on the sidelines. "

The footage seems to show a big cat with tabby-like markings.

The Fen Tiger was first reported in Cottenham in 1982 and since then hundreds of sightings of the big cat have been recorded throughout the Cambridgeshire region.

From 1998 to 2010, residents have called the police 63 times, and since then, dozens of reports have been made of the mysterious creature.

In 2017, a man reported seeing a large cat on his way driving in the wilds of Cambridgeshire.

He said the mysterious creature was the size of a Labrador and a dark brown color.

Steve Lawrence, who reported the incident, said: "Suddenly, this big cat jumped out of the grass on the right side.

"There were two lanes and in three sections it was on the other side.

"I'm 100 percent convinced that it was a big cat, and although it's the size of a Labrador, I expect it to be quite a big one.

"I think it was a juvenile cougar or a panther-like animal."

Big cats have also been sighted in other places in the UK, with sightings in Cumrbia, Cornwall and Hertfordshire.