Fernando Aguilera, runner-up in the Champions League with El Pozo Murcia

Fernando Aguilera could not be crowned European champion. El Pozo Murcia lost 2-1 to Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League futsal final in a fast-paced match, which was played at the Palau Blaugrana. Again the Murcian team lost a final against Barcelona, ​​one of their black beasts.

The Algarinejo player had the best opportunities for his team and was one of those who shot the most throughout the game. He did not start from the beginning, but after conceding the first goal El Pozo Murcia, his coach gave him room on the court to seek reaction. Before ten minutes of play was reached, Barcelona’s second goal came when he shot a defender and misled the goalkeeper.

Well Murcia was not discouraged despite being at a disadvantage. He tried again and again, but his plays did not end in the best possible way.

Fernando Aguilera started in the second half. Hopes rose after Leo Santana scored for the Murcian team in the 25th minute. With enough time ahead, the player from Granada had a good option to achieve a draw, but his vaseline at the goalkeeper’s exit went a bit high for lack five minutes. Then he had another clear in a touch of the first heel, which went out for little.

The Argentine coach of El Pozo Murcia decided in the absence of three and a half minutes to gamble and put Fernando Aguilera as goalkeeper-player. There were a few minutes of constant harassment on the goal of Barcelona, ​​which defended itself as best it could. The Algarinejo player was able to score in a shot, which was touched by a teammate and ended up hitting the post at the end.


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