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After the One Sith have been defeated, a triumvirate from the remnants of the Jedi, the true empire, and the galactic alliance, bring the galaxy back to peace, freedom, but also order. Its most important first project is the completion of a communication phalanx with which the connection is to be preserved to the very edge. This is monitored by an imperial knight, who eventually ends up on a walking planet, where he is captured by the last remaining Sith. Then Darth Wredd does everything in his power to sabotage the triumvirate’s project. By chance, Aina Solo, descendant of Han Solo and Leia Organa, who committed her life as a junk collector, is drawn into this conspiracy – and ultimately has to decide, just like Han Solo once did, whether to let herself out of the matter or for the benefit of the galaxy risk their life …

In view of the great success of the first “Legacy” cycle, which was always conceived by its creators as a story with a definite ending, it was probably only a matter of time before the scepter was handed over to a new artistic director. In this case, they are Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman – who took on a double inheritance here. On the one hand, when “Legacy” was really a great, highly dramatic story, and on the other hand, when it would have been difficult or even impossible to increase the stakes at stake there again. After NJO, trying to repeat – or even surpass – the same concept over and over again had already failed in the field of novels. In this respect, “Zwischen den Welten” took the only correct and consistent path in my opinion: namely, to shift down a gear again and to tell a story that was also exciting, but not quite as epic and highly dramatic. Now, of course, this formulation almost automatically resonates with criticism of this approach, and yes: In terms of tension, drama and complexity, “Legacy II” cannot compete with the first cycle – and accordingly will have a hard time in my eyes, to reach its heights (although I would not want to completely rule this out for the other three parts only based on the first of four volumes). And yet I stick to the fact that it was the only right decision. Sometimes it is better to do a good lookup and simply admit or acknowledge in advance that you will not be able to achieve (let alone surpass) what came before than either to produce an unimaginative copy, or hell come out trying to make the impossible Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” trilogy has shown where that can lead to when one tries to tie in purely dramaturgically with the epic predecessor even with a “lesser” story in direct comparison.

In that respect, yes. In terms of complexity and dramaturgy, “Zwischen den Welten” cannot keep up with the first “Legacy” cycle. But that doesn’t make him bad. “Between the worlds” knows what it can and wants to be, and then it is neither more nor less. I found that very refreshing in the end. That doesn’t mean that the comic is perfect – even apart from the unfair and unfavorable comparison with the previous cycle. So, from my point of view, at least one aspect should have been oriented towards the first “Legacy” part, and that is the way in which the prehistory of the main character was rolled out right at the beginning. We learn precious little about Aina Solo and her life before she follows in the footsteps of her heroic ancestors, which also made it a bit difficult for me to develop a bond with her. As far as that goes, in my opinion they relied a little too much on her family connection, in the sense of: It’s a solo, of course the reader will stick with her and keep their fingers crossed for her! In addition, in my opinion, “Legacy II” is a bit different from its predecessor. It is quite pleasant not to have a hypersexualized representation of female bodies (because in “Legacy I” that threatened to get involuntarily funny), and last but not least, the spaceships look great again. The faces could have been illustrated a little more clearly for my taste. And I also found the color scheme a little better with the predecessors. Basically, “Between the Worlds” also creates something visually. In terms of content, it is inevitably a more reduced matter, but it was still quite fun.

“Between the Worlds” is a solid start to the – short – second “Legacy” cycle. I found it pleasant that you don’t even seem to try to copy the success story of the predecessor and / or to surpass it in terms of drama and complexity. A smaller, more pared-down – but no less interesting – story is told here. I thought it was a shame, however, that at first we didn’t learn much about Aina Solo (whose conception, by the way, shows striking similarities to Rey from the sequel trilogy). And also visually I found the first “Legacy” era slightly superior to the one shown here. Basically, however, it was a successful start, which also has the advantage that knowledge of the long previous cycle is not absolutely necessary, and thus any newcomers will find their way around without any problems.

4/5 points

Christian Siegel

Cover picture © 2011 Panini Comics

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