Fight? Kimberly Loaiza makes fun of Juan de Dios Pantoja

MEXICO.- The famous youtuber and singer Kimberly Loaiza shared a video on her official TikTok account, where she can be seen enjoying a lavish tour on a yacht with her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja. Loaiza sang her song “You lost me”To her husband, when suddenly, the youtuber loses the hat he was wearing.

The awkward moment of Pantoja I cause the excessive laughter of Loaiza. Of course, the users of the social network joined in laughter and highlighted the good humor that the newly married couple seems to manage in their relationship. “A moment of silence for the hat,” commented witty an Internet user.

The couple continues to share memories and highlights of their vacation, also moving away from the controversy a bit. A few weeks ago “the older cutie” of 22 years, caused a stir on social networks, by the rumor that she could be pregnant. None have issued a statement on the matter, so far.

Despite criticism about their romance, the couple continues to show more and more united. Although they had already married civilly, they decided to divorce, to do it again, but this time out of conviction. Due to the current situation, due to the pandemic, Kimberly Y John of God they decided to do something very intimate, at home.

At present, the mexican has begun to enjoy a certain notoriety in the world of fashion and makeup. Much of its content on video platforms revolves around that, which is why it has become a benchmark for beauty this year. His YouTube channel is one of the largest in the country, with more than 26 million subscribers.

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