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The warranty and exchange conditions are specific to each product, please remember to review them before making your purchase.


  • For any change it is essential that you present the purchase invoice or the gift certificate. Without one of these two documents, the change will NOT be made.
  • If there is a Pepe Ganga warehouse in the city where you live, go directly to the warehouse with the product and the invoice and make your change. If there is no Pepe Ganga, do the following:
  • Contact our call center in Bogotá (57) (1) 4865050 or our national line 018000-117373.
  • Request the change of the product.
  • Send us an email to with your personal data, the invoice number, the reference, the name of the product you want to change and the reason.
  • Deadline for changes: 8 calendar days after your purchase.
  • Come to the closest shipping center of our logistics operator Serviantega.
  • Send us the product purchased with the original invoice to our warehouse in Bogotá at Carrera 17 # 164 – 53 Barrio Toberín (the customer assumes the cost of shipping).
  • Upon receiving the product, we will take care of making the exchange and sending the product or the exchange certificate again, if applicable, without any other additional cost to the customer.

Return Policy:

  • The exchange certificate will be valid for 30 days from its issuance.
  • No exchange certificate will be redeemed for money or promotional merchandise.
  • There are NO refunds of money.
  • Changes or returns will be made by merchandise or by an exchange certificate according to the value of your invoice.
  • For any exchange or return, the product must have its original packaging, have all its parts and labels and be in perfect condition.
  • The merchandise CANNOT be exchanged for promotional products.
  • Merchandise purchased in promotion CANNOT be exchanged for electronic products, Technology, Videogames or Diapers.
  • Changes or returns of clothing: It must be new, clean, in perfect condition and with all its labels.
  • Changes or returns of electrical and electronic products: The manufacturer’s warranty seals must be intact.
  • Products purchased through Special Client points or Pepe Ganga-Colpatria Credit Card have NO change.
  • Almacenes Máximo SAS reserves the right not to make changes, given the conditions of each case.
  • In the event that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal, Almacenes Máximo SAS-Pepe Ganga- will refund the money paid for the acquisition of the product within a period not exceeding thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which it exercised. the right of withdrawal.

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