Filomena does not forgive: the thousand inconveniences of the snowstorm for Spanish football – Ovation – 01/12/2021

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He temporary Filomena whipped Spain On the weekend, with winds, snowfalls and temperatures that had not been registered in that country for a long time, also affecting football, both large and small clubs.

Atlético de Madrid had to suspend the game before Athletic Bilbao, who could not travel to the capital of Spain, while the displacement of Real Madrid a Pamplona became a real odyssey. The team had to wait more than three three hours inside the plane at Barajas airport waiting for the game, it left on the last authorized flight, then played against Osasuna over heavily affected terrain and then flew directly to Málaga, where on Thursday he must play the semifinal of the Super Cup against Athletic.

“We are not puppets that we always have to play,” the Real Madrid coach complained. Zinedine Zidane

Meanwhile, the Getafe tried unsuccessfully to postpone his visit to the Elche, arguing that he could not gather the entire squad because several footballers could not leave their homes due to accumulated snow.

The modest teams also suffered from the storm. In the Second Division B (third category) 16 games were suspended and others could be played thanks to the goodwill of the fans, who went to their respective stadiums to collaborate in removing the snow from the court.

For example, the club star (Navarra) made the following call through social networks to receive the Ebro on its stage: “Izarra makes a call to all the volunteers of Estella and the area who want to go to the field to remove the snow so that this afternoon’s game against the Ebro is played. Izarra needs personnel and material to remove the snow ”.

According to the Spanish press, about 30 fans attended, who were joined by the members of the coaching staff. Coach Pablo Alvarez He brought a snowmobile, which was fitted with a bench to function as a snow blower.

In order to play against the Oviedo subsidiary, Burgos leaders, together with volunteers and employees from a flower shop near the stadium, participated in cleaning the playing field. ..

Several games started late because the buses from the campuses had to circulate slowly because of the snow.


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