Filtrado Blizzard Arcade Collection –

Leaked a pack of classic Blizzard video games featuring The Lost Vikings, Rock N ‘Roll Racing and Blackthorne.

A few hours before Blizzcon 2021, where Blizzard will present news of its current games such as World of Warcrafr, Heartstone and news of its upcoming releases such as Overwatch and Diablo 4, has been filtered by PEGI (Videogame Classification System) a compilation that will delight the oldest ones.

Blizzard Arcade Collection is a pack of classic Blizzard video games from the 90s and in it we can find the following games:

The Lost Vikings: Originally released in 1992, this is a video game where we manage three Vikings: Erik, Olaf and Baleog, who are abducted by the evil alien Tomator and who must solve levels throughout different worlds to return home. Erik can jump and slam into enemies and objects, Baleog can sword attack and shoot arrows, and Olaf can stop most enemies with his shield and glide using his shield as a hang glider. To complete their adventure, we must guide our characters using their skills to avoid all kinds of dangers.

Rock N’ Roll Racing: Launched in 1993 for the home consoles Super Nintendo and Megadrive, this is an isometric racing title with the possibility of playing it in multiplayer where we face the AI ​​using numerous items such as firearms or mines and win the race, all enlivened with Rock & Roll music from the time of groups like Deep Purple or Black Sabbath.

Blackthorne: Or also known as Blackhawk, released in 1994 for Super Nintendo and MS-DOS, where we handle Kyle in action adventure and platforms that will remind many of the original Prince of Persia but with the unmistakable stamp of Blizzard.

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