Final Benn-Vargas Press Conference in London »April 8, 2021

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Welterweights Conor Benn (17-0, 11 KOs) and Samuel Vargas (31-6-2, 14 KOs) met in the final press conference before Saturday’s action at London’s Copper Box Arena, broadcast on I live on Sky Sports in the UK and on DAZN in the US Benn is defending his WBA continental title against Vargas.

Conor Benn: “This is definitely one for the fans. I’m chewing a little; This is a fight that I have been calling for a long time and this is another fight where I can show my levels and experience.

“You can judge me by my last performance, or by my previous performance, but I am always evolving and learning from past fights and from the mistakes I made. This is the kind of fight where I really show what I’m capable of.

“We do not know the ceiling of my career, we do not know where the limit is because I entered the game raw and naive. I’m learning and I plan to show all of that on Saturday night.

“If you see Vargas’s fights, he comes in and brings it, but me too. Of course, he has tested at a higher level and has more experience than me, but everyone who fights in the future is going to have experience with me, I will always enter the fight the less experienced fighter due to my lack of experience as a fan, because I’m only 24 years old.

“People will question that, it’s my job to prove them wrong, it’s my job to get in there and give him a number on Saturday night. It’s going to be my toughest night job, I know what it brings, he’s a tough South American who loves to fight and fights with his heart on his sleeve. You have to give him credit where he deserves it.

“They keep asking me about other fights now, I made the mistake once in my career looking past the opponents and look what happened. I hit the rig twice and it turned out to be the hardest night job of my career. I am completely focused on Vargas; I know what it brings and it’s there to win and show me how it’s done.

“I have been training hard for this fight; I’ve been working hard and envisioning this fight and I’m ready to go. Whatever it brings, I’ll match it, it’ll be a shootout at some point in this fight.

“Every time we have said that it is a test, I have passed it with great success. With Koivula, people were dismissing me again, saying I had too much experience, and then what happened. I faced Sebastian Formella again and what happened. I am up to the occasion and I will rise to the occasion, I will make sure I am up to it.

“Tony has trained me harder than ever for this camp. It really pushed me; I don’t usually say I need a break, but I needed a few in this camp. When it comes to sacrifices, try four years, not being with the family, that’s really difficult.

“My little son now, we only had a few days off when he was born to spend time with him, so your mind and your emotions are still in the fray. Even when I hold it, I think about the fight. Shaking in my sleep from the fight. After this, it will be nice to sit down and relax emotionally with my new family. “

Samuel Vargas: “I am blessed, I am happy and I had a good training camp. I feel like everything has come together for me to have a great show on Saturday night. I have put my heart and soul into this training ground, working with Bones Adams. I have a lot of rounds in the gym and I am very excited to be here. The moment is here, it is the moment.

“I don’t really compare, I was 24 once, I was young once and when I look at myself then and now, I just laugh. I think I bring too much to the ring.

“It’s kind of sad that we don’t have fans there, I was looking forward to having a lot of fans there because it would have been a great energy, you need it. London fans have a lot of love and support, for which I am grateful.

“This is a fan-friendly fight, he fights, I fight to the end. I fight for my family, for everything I have, for the desire to win and be better in life and in boxing, there are so many reasons why I have to fight.

“I never make excuses, even in my losses, I always work hard in training camp. In this particular fight, I haven’t seen my family or Lee in two months. Everyone keeps telling me how focused and motivated I am because that’s all I’ve done, there’s nothing else to do but box, study, meet my enemy and do my job. “

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