Final Fantasy 14 director wants to make a blizzard crossover

The creative director of the massively multiplayer online game Final Fantasy 14 wants to make a crossover with Blizzard Entertainment.

After being interviewed during an interview with TheGamer to find out if there were specific studios or franchises in the gaming industry that you would be interested in working with during Final Fantasy 14 , Naoki Yoshida expressed how much he wanted to work with Blizzard.

He said: “Diablo or World of Warcraft … Because I’m a Blizzard fan!” In the interview he also explained how the Square Enix team enjoys working on crossover events because it allows them to experience something new.

Yoshida also mentioned in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine on what would be a dream collaboration, responding quickly with the same answer from World of Warcraft and Diablo. He kept saying, “Oh by the way, if Blizzard has ever gotten close to [mi], you know, saying ‘Oh hey, we want you to take charge of the development of Diablo 4’. ‘oh, I’m going to drop whatever I’m doing and I’m going to go’, “then he described himself as a ‘fanboy’ of the show.”

Final Fantasy 14 had many crossovers at the time, including Monster Hunter World, Yo-Kai Watch, and Dragon Quest. Most recently, the developers of Final Fantasy 14 have partnered with Platinum Games to create a new series of raids, inspired by NieR: Automata .

The YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raid was added to Shadowbringers in patch 5.1 and was designed by NieR: Director of Automata, Yoko Taro, and producer Yosuke Saito. The series was also recently updated with the addition of The Puppet’s Bunker Raid, and the series expects more additions in the future.

Final Fantasy 14 recently added patch 5.3 which marked the end of the main story for the Shadowbringers expansion. It was also recently announced that the MMO will be available to play on PS5 through backward compatibility .

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