Final Fantasy X "s Yuna brings her back Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, She will be the next DLC character released in December. She was revealed in a brand new trailer that shows her new magical abilities and Valefor's Grand Summon for extra damage. She will be Jecht and Tidus as a representative FFX in this new crossover fighter.

The trailer shows her moves and we can see she's likely to be a ranged fighter with many combination abilities combining her magical spells, abilities, and valefor. It can perform some homing functions for fast-moving targets and ranged attacks.

Yuna seems to be fitting because there are not many other characters that can hit both opponents and enemies from afar. The DLC version confirms this assumption, which we can only wait! It's great for matchups that require a lot of zoning.

Yuna will have an extra costume that she can wear next to her standard costume. She will get her wedding dress with Seymour FFX, She will be the penultimate DLC character of the season. For the next and last character of this season, there is still no solid speculation.

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is available for the PS4. The game is a crossover fighter with more than 20 playable characters. Stay tuned for the next revelation. You can see Yuna's trailer below:


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