Finally, Jessica, Meghan’s disowned friend, speaks: depression and suicidal thoughts

There are many friends of Meghan Markle who have confessed their estrangement from the Duchess since she became part of the British Royal family. It was not the case of Jessica Mulroney, one of her best friends.

The two met in Canada, where the actress was filming ‘Suits’, and since then they have been inseparable. So much so that the three sons of the stylist acted as pages in the wedding of the dukes of sussex. And even more significant, it is the person they entrusted to Archie during the days they were in the UK in March to face their last commitments as members of the Royal House.

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But in the middle of the year something happened that was the beginning of the end for Jessica, both in his successful professional life and in his personal relationship with Meghan.

Sasha Exeter, a black Canadian influencer, used her networks to report racial abuse in the United States. A highly applauded statement that even featured a like Jessica herself.

Jessica Mulroney in an image on her Instagram.
Jessica Mulroney in an image on her Instagram.

But it seems that Meghan’s friend took certain comments personally, so she sent her a message shortly after. private message in a threatening tone. A message Exeter did not hesitate to make public to denounce the treatment she was receiving from the stylist, further adding that she was upset by the Mulroney inactionespecially when one of her best friends is Meghan Markle and her origins are also African American.

After the complaint in networks, Jessica Mulroney apologized publicly, but it seems that the attitude she maintained in the private conversations with Sasha Exeter it was different, even telling her that she had spoken “with people and companies about the way he was treating her”, something that the influencer was taken as a threat.

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The consequences for Jessica after this controversy were disastrous. Although he publicly apologized, the stylist was accused of being a racist and lost several jobs. Canadian television CTV decided to cancel the program ‘I do, redo’, which she presented herself, in which she helped married couples to have their dream wedding. Also the magazine ‘Cityline’ announced via Twitter that it was dispensing with her as a collaborator, the same decision that Hudson’s Bay company made, where it was public relations.

Then it was own Meghan Markle who seems to have decided to distance herself from her. This was assured by a source close to the duchess in ‘Daily Mail’, who said that the daughter-in-law of Charles of England She was mortified by her friend Jessica’s behavior. According to the source, Meghan did not believe that her friend was racist but considered that her way of handling the situation with Sasha Exeter had been disastrous, so much so that now she could not allow him to have a relationship with her. “Meghan said that friends are reflected in other friends and that because of the stakes, can no longer be associated with Jessica, at least not in public. They must do what they have to do to preserve their dignity and their own reputation. ”

Since then, Jessica has been silent. But now has finally decided to speak and tell how all this affected her. “Still I feel very ashamed”, Has revealed in Page Six. “I have the feeling that people think the worst of me.”

These confidences have been supported by her friends, who have also revealed that the marketing consultant had been prescribed strong antidepressants. “Jessica has always been dealing with anxiety a lot since she was 12 years old,” said a source close to Meghan Markle’s former best friend. “Anxiety turned into severe depression and suicidal thoughts“, Add.

Meghan Markle in a file image.  (Reuters)
Meghan Markle in a file image. (Reuters)

In Jessica’s worst moment, when the controversy surrounding her was raging, her mother came to take care of her. “Jess couldn’t speak without crying. The effect of the medications was no longer felt and she did not want to talk to anyone. I could barely respond to a text message, “says a friend. Her husband, Ben, also confirms that he was very worried about her. “I woke up and Jess wasn’t in bed, and I thought the worst”, he confesses.

Regarding the companies that did without their services, Jessica says: “I had a hard time dealing with the fact that a network like CTV and other companies that I have worked with for many years, and journalists, some of whom were my friends , speak with incredible authority about what they thought was happening without even having contact with me. I think that’s what hurt the most. “

Pictured: Prince Harry.  (EFE)
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Despite Meghan’s alleged estrangement, a friend of Jessica’s has claimed that the duchess has shown concern for her friend and that he will always love her. It seems that since Jessica Mulroney has been aware of this fact, you have reduced your medication, as your friends have reported. Now he tries to focus on his charity work and tries to see life from the positive side: “I know I have a beautiful life”, “I have to learn from all this, but I’m not a racist. I just want to try to move on, “he said.

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