FIND OUT IN PHOTOS | The stars reveal the compatibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

FIND OUT IN PHOTOS | The stars reveal the compatibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The physical is not everything in this relationship, it goes beyond the visible.

Like his mother, Lady Di, the prince harry He has always been a “rebel” of royalty, but everything went further when he fell in love with the actress Meghan Markle, with whom he married and has a son, and it was from the hand of his beloved that Harry decided to turn his back on many royal traditions in search of a “more normal life”.

A different prince

There is no doubt that love between Harry y Meghan has broken borders, even above his grandmother, the queen Isabel II. Chemistry, ideologies, physical and psychological attributes lead you to fall in love with someone, but How compatible are the Dukes of Sussex according to the stars?

Let’s start with your date of birth

Harry was born on September 15, which makes him a Virgo, while Meghan was born on August 4, which makes her a Leo.

What does Virgo have that caught Leo

Virgos (who come just after Leos) are known to be loyal, kind, hardworking, practical and analytical, plus Harry’s rising sign is Capricorn, which will make him seek determination, affectionate displays, someone smart and bold. .

The click they do alone

As to sign compatibility, both are rational, while Leo is fireVirgo is earth, something that could complicate the situation, as Leo could be limited by the neatness of Virgo and Virgo could be overwhelmed by the social success of his counterpart. Even so, they complement each other, together and with love and respect they can achieve great things, because their attributes will push them to success.

Their ascendants help them

Leos are usually cheerful, warm-hearted, creative, passionate and laid-back, but Meghan’s rising sign is Cancer, which makes her more homelike, a quality Capricorns love, Harry’s rising.

Very controversial signs

Markle’s sign also makes her prone to controversy and controversy, but she could learn from the responsibility and efficiency of the Virgo by her side.

According to the stars, Leos seek to be the center of attention, while Virgo is more reserved and calm, balance, without Leo dominating Virgo or Virgo being frustrated with Leo’s fiery nature, can work wonderfully or be a chaos of incredible proportions.


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