Fiona Apple publishes a video clip and a new remix of Shameika.

Fiona Apple published the video for Shameika, a song on her recent album “Fetch The Bolt Cutters”. Directed by Matthias Brown, the video shows a black and white animation that follows the lyrics of the song, which, as is known, has a whole background in the artist’s teenage years.

We share the video with you;

Apple reunited with Shameika Stepney, the person who inspired the song to deliver a remix of it titled “Shameika Said”. Stepney, who is also an artist under the names Dollface and Chyna Doll, was the one who inspired the phrase “Shameika said I had potential”, after precisely telling Apple that she had potential when they were classmates.

We also leave you a video so you can see how the animated video clip was made.

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