“Fire becomes uncontrollable due to weather conditions”

After the last shots of water from the hydrant planes, the Capilla del Monte fire chief explained that “one of the heads is going down towards the intake area and Las Gemelas is going down quite intensely. The other sector on the west wall of Cerro Uritorco. At this moment about 120 firefighters work and it is uncontrollable by the weather conditions. About 200 firefighters will work tomorrow »

At this time, from Capilla del Monte the fire is perceived in the Cerro Overo area. TantaLuz Chapel, recorded the latest hydrant work today.

North slope of Cerro Overo

On the other hand, Ariel Guzzetti He pointed out that “tomorrow it will get more complicated according to the part we have from the Meteorological Service. The rain would be a hope but they would only arrive on Monday or Tuesday, reported Ariel Guzzetti in dialogue with Luis Delseme

On the other hand, from Valenti, walkerlumiere and Eugenia Marengo recorded the arrival of night at Capilla del Monte.

Photography: Walkerlumiere.com
Image: Eugenia Marengo

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