First defeat of the Koeman era (1-0)

Barça punctured when he could least do it. He punctured with an insipid game where he allowed himself to be cajoled by Getafe, a team that makes defense (and aggressiveness pushed to the limit, always allowed by the referee) an art. But the refereeing excuse for such a poor Barça game is useless, without resources or alternatives. So poor that he barely had the option of engaging in the game or stimulating himself with the defeat of Madrid at home against Cádiz.

Not even that prompted Barça, which was apathetic, unable to hold on to the light that Pedri radiated. The classic arrives and the greats are in trouble. Griezmann? He played where he wanted. What did? As usual. I mean, nothing. It was consuming like the whole team, while Koeman who started the game with his traditional 4-2-3-1 ended an indefinite system, filling the team with forwards.

Koeman made decisions and shook Barça in Getafe. More than he could imagine because he removed the entire attack front to give Coutinho and Ansu Fati rest. Not only that. It also pleased Griezmann, determined as the Frenchman was to play in the center of the front. That’s where the technician put it. But the response he got from the former Atlético player loads Koeman with reasons. No sign of Griezmann from France. It was, again, the Griezmann of almost a year and a half ago. Installed at the top of the 4-2-3-1 he did not have any weight in the team’s game. He was invisible again. And the team accused him against a rocky Getafe, which turned, as always, the Coliseum into a trap.

Just Pedri

It was difficult for Barça to find the key. There was no way to sneak into the game, but a boy, just 17 years old, appeared to light up the night south of Madrid. Pure magic. There in the middle, in the midpoint position, where there is no space or time, this Canarian boy seemed to be playing in his father’s bar. Pure fantasy. Absolute personality. A scandal what Pedri signed was a lesson. A lesson in cunning in the pass. A lesson in creativity. A lesson, above all, of character. He always asked for the ball. And he always improved it.

Without stepping on the area

In that position they played not so long ago Paulinho and Arturo Vidal. Now it belonged to Coutinho, no matter how much Griezmann asked from Croatia for Koeman to give him such a privileged place. But the Frenchman did not imagine that Pedri would appear to raise his voice with the ball sewn to the boot, performing messianic turns, which even evoked Xavi’s roulette, drawing all the spotlights towards him.

In addition, he did not have an easy night as demonstrated by an inordinate entrance from Cabaco that not only stepped on him but elbowed him. All in one action. But Pedri was not daunted. Rather the complete opposite. He asked again. Meanwhile, Dembélé returned to lose it at enmity as the French is with the ball. And with dribbling. It’s as if the ball, tired of Ousmane, divorced him forever.

Barça also barely stepped on the area in the first half. Just three times. And one of them was the messi shot that repelled the right post of Soria, the Getafe goalkeeper, after an interesting run by Dest on the left flank. With the previous genius, yes, of Pedri. Because the others run. He does not. He flows, as if he were a hologram of Iniesta. Andrés slept in Japan without knowing that in Getafe a humble and hardworking boy like him was honoring football. How? Playing soccer like the angels.

Bordalás’s trap

They tend to be rough, unpleasant and cumbersome matches. So it happened yesterday. Getafe defended themselves judiciously, while taking advantage of any set-piece action to prowl Neto’s area, who only had a successful intervention. Until De Jong made an unnecessary mistake with his penalty on Djené, which gave him the door that Bordalás’s patient team was waiting for. Mata did not miss from eleven meters and Barça had a job, so Koeman took out all the forwards. But nothing.

More of the same. Gray and sad Barça, drowned by the Bordalás trap, unable to find a solvent answer to so much problem. And the classic comes with defeat. Like Madrid.

Match sheet



Getafe: Soria (6); Damián (7), Djené (7), Cabaco (5), Olivera (7); Maksimovic (5), Arambarri (5), Nyom (6), Cucurella (6); Mata (7), Cucho (5).

Coach: Jose Bordalás (7)

Changes: Enes Ünal (4) by Mata (m. 71); Timor (sc) by Cucho (m. 89)

Barça: Net (7); S. Roberto (4), Piqué (5), Lenglet (5), Dest (6); Busquets (4), De Jong (4), Griezmann (4), Pedri (7); Dembélé (3), Messi (4).

Technical: Ronald Koeman (4).

Changes: Ansu Fati (5) by Dembélé (m. 61); Coutinho (4) by Pedri (m. 61); Trincao (4) by Griezmann (m. 79); Braithwaite (4) by De Jong (m. 79); Riqui Puig (sc) by Sergi Roberto (m. 86)

Referee: Soto Grado (3), from La Rioja.

Yellow cards: Piqué (m. 23), Mata (m. 27), Cabaco (m. 28), Bordalás (m. 35), Sergi Roberto (m. 40), Nyom (m. 72), Olivera (m. 90),

Goals: 1-0, Mata, from a penalty (d. 56)


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