First details of the Mandalorian 2×05 and possible return of Ming-Na Wen

Editing of Ahsoka Tano and Fennec Shand

Yesterday we had a new episode of “The Mandalorian”, but also rumors began to sound of what is to come for the future of the series. What is coming is unofficial information, but it is sounding very loudly. In other words, there is no guarantee that it will be the case, but there are important indications.

That said, the information that sounds suggests what we could see in the next episode. For a couple of episodes we have been theorizing that in next Friday’s episode, the 2 × 05: Chapter 13, Ahsoka Tano would make her big debut in live-action format. Especially knowing that Dave Filoni is behind that episode. Now there are more clues that point to that line.

Dave Filoni, creator of the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Y “Star Wars Rebels”, will write and direct the next chapter. Apparently, that episode will be titled “The Jedi”, which we can translate both singular and plural (The / The Jedi The how The Jedi). However, that title is surprising to refer to Tano because at the end of season 5 of “The Clone Wars”, Tano is no longer a Jedi as such. All this, without forgetting that the term Jedi is not exactly used very much in the series.

In addition, it is indicated that the episode could last 57 minutes. A fairly high duration, and that would clash with what was said that the first episode of the season would be the longest. Of course, all this is rumors that who knows how much it takes place. It is also true that they are talking about something closer to 45 minutes.

Finally say that the idea that Ming-Na Wen I also returned for the second season. Let’s remember that she debuted in the fifth episode of the first season as Fennec Shand, but it was also the chapter in which we said goodbye because she was killed by Toro Calican, although at the end of that chapter we saw a mysterious figure approaching her body.

The information of this possible return of Shand must be treated with care because it is something that they point out in the last episode of Rebel Force Radio. There, James Arnold Taylor points out that on a visit to the set of the second season, saw Ming-Na and Gina Carano shooting a scene. This, as we see, would also confirm the reappearance of Cara Dune beyond this week’s episode. It should be noted that this April the rumor of the possible return of Fennec Shand sounded.

Via information | OSN | Star Wars News Net | Rebels Force Radio

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