The UK's first all-electric hearse now helps people in Oxfordshire reach their destination in an environmentally friendly manner.

The eco-friendly vehicle is available through 16 funeral companies from Midcounties, including Oxford, Banbury and Bicester. This allows people to fulfill the responsible choices of their loved ones throughout their lives.

Oxford Mail:

The Nissan Leaf Hearse was designed and built by Brahms Electric Vehicles. Adapted to the original Nissan Leaf, the hearse has a large pane of glass on the passenger side instead of the doors and can travel over 100 miles with a single charge.

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Mark Adams, Co-operative Funeralcare's Chief Operating Officer of The Midcounties, said, "We know that many of our customers are committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

Oxford Mail:

"We are happy to give them a choice that will help them to respect those beliefs.

"Our new environmental hearses are also a step forward in our continued commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and creating a more sustainable future.

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"We will continue to work on and develop sustainability initiatives in all areas of the company to ensure a better future for the planet."