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Christmas is approaching, and with it, the arrival of series and movies on Netflix with all the magic of the season. As every year, the company presents original content with which it will conquer its subscribers, and that you can miss.

Some of them have begun to arrive weeks before the date, while others await their great premiere to accompany us on the December dates until the arrival of Christmas.

The list of titles is long, so we’ve compiled it along with their release dates below:

Calendar love

Netflix Christmas
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

Netflix opens its holiday season with the arrival of this film weeks before the arrival of Christmas. It arrived on October 28 and quickly slipped into the most seen. Starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey, it unfolds by telling the story of its protagonists, who, tired of going to family celebrations alone, agree to be their respective dates for a year. Fate will have a surprise for them.

Operation Merry Christmas

christmas Netflixchristmas Netflix
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

A strict legislative aide falls in love with a generous pilot as he seeks to shut down his air base in the tropics and end his inspiring Christmas betrayal. Romance is always a good resource when it comes to telling Christmas stories. The film has been available on Netflix since last November 5.

Dash y Lily

Christmas NetflixChristmas Netflix
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

This year, Netflix is ​​exploring Christmas stories in serial form. The eight-episode production hit the catalog on November 10 for the story of two opposite protagonists. The two exchange minds with a red notebook that circulates around New York City.

Jingle Jangle: a magical Christmas

Christmas NetflixChristmas Netflix
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

With music as its ally, this film is ready to steal the hearts of Netflix subscribers. The plot unfolds years after the betrayal of the apprentice he held so dear: a toy maker regains his smile and hope with the help of his granddaughter, a very curious girl.

Netflix has rolled out a great production with surprising effects, as well as a cast that includes Forest Whitaker, Keegan Michael Key, Ricky Martin, among others. Its premiere is on November 13.

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Princess Swap 2

Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

Vanessa Hudgens is returning to Netflix for the sequel to last year’s movie. Now his characters will be three, in the new film that seeks to give a chance to fall in love with one of his characters.

All this could be thrown down by the appearance of Fiona, a distant cousin willing to keep the crown by impersonating the future queen. Its premiere is preparing to hit the catalog on November 19.

Alien Xmas

Christmas NetflixChristmas Netflix
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

The magic of animation could not be left out. This year Netflix brings this funny story where a young elf mistakes a little alien for a gift, but his new toy has plans: destroy Earth’s gravity and steal the gifts. Will you achieve your goal? Find out with its premiere on November 20.

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Dolly Parton: Christmas in the Square

Netflix ChristmasNetflix Christmas
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

Iconic Dolly Parton returns to Netflix to star in this music-filled Christmas story. The joy of the holiday season ends when a woman tries to sell the lands of the singer’s village. Can music, magic and memories make her give up? A powerful story awaits us on November 22.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

Christmas NetflixChristmas Netflix
Photo: Courtesy Netflix.

Another Christmas sequel will be on Netflix. On November 25th comes the continuation of The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who give life to the emblematic couple of the season. Now, Kate’s character runs away from home unhappy with her family’s new outlook, taking her to the North Pole, where something unruly plans to cancel Christmas.

Christmas Eve is my sentence

From Brazil this story comes to Netflix. The protagonist, Jorge, suffers a fall on Christmas Eve, which causes him to lose consciousness, as well as waking up 364 days after the event. Submerged in a time loop where he only sees the years go by and he lives only Christmas Eve, the protagonist cannot manage to remember what happens. This film will arrive on December 3 to join the Christmas content prepared by the company.

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