First pages of the newspapers that arrived at our newsroom tonight


The first editions of the main newspapers that came to our newsroom include, among others, the following news on their front pages:

EL PAÍS: “The AstraZeneca vaccine is suspended for those under 60”; “The IMF Advocates for Exceptional Taxes on the Rich and Businesses”; “Government and autonomies face the end of the state of alarm”; “Outrage in Brussels for the disparagement of Von der Leyen in Turkey”; “An Abascal rally in Vallecas ends with riots.”

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Unemployment fell by 59,149 people in March, its best figure since 2015

EL MUNDO: “Health will not put AstraZeneca under 60 for blood clots”; “Vox cries out for the attacks on its followers in Vallecas: ‘Marlaska is to blame for the stones'”; “The CNI investigated whether the airline Plus Ultra was used for laundering”; “Judge Conde-Pumpido departs from the ‘procés’ for the separatists”; “The Government forces 226,000 minors who collect the Minimum Living Income to pay Income”; “The pandemic of loneliness”.

LA VANGUARDIA: “Spain will stop vaccinating people under 60 years of age with AZ to avoid blood clots”; “The end of the state of alarm triggers misgivings in the autonomies”; “The IMF asks for a tax for the rich and big companies because of the crisis”; “Brexit contributes to a resurgence of violence in Ulster”.

ABC: “Health recommends in practice not to vaccinate with Astrazeca”; “The Government changes the strategy and proposes to immunize with the English drug only people between 60 and 65 years old”; “The European Medicines Agency certifies links between doses and rare cases of thrombi, but urges to continue using them.”

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EL PERIÓDICO: “The fourth wave forces Catalonia to adopt new restrictions”; “Health and the autonomies agree to suspend the vaccination with Astrazeneca to minors of 60”; “The global minimum tax on companies, closer”; “The PSC compares a ‘Government’ in the shadow as an alternative to sovereignty”; “Clamor Moves to Suspend Vaccine Patents.”

EL CORREO: “Spain stops vaccination with AstraZeneca for those under 60 years of age”; “Euskadi registers 731 new infections, the highest figure in two months”; “Multiple errors and collapse in the premiere of the new personal income tax return in Bizkaia”; “An error of Simón maintains the sadness”; “The Federation sees the Eurocup in Bilbao unfeasible due to sanitary restrictions”; “Juan Mari Aburto, Mayor of Bilbao: ‘I have a tumor and it must be removed as soon as possible'”.

THE REASON: “The AstraZeneca fiasco blows up the vaccine plan”; “Moncloa rules out legislating after the end of the State of Alarm”; “Venezuelan crude traffic finances the owners of Plus Ultra”; “JxCat and ERC move away from ‘sine die’ investiture”; “One kick, one vote.”


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