This is the moment when a Liverpool fan who suffered life-altering brain injuries when he was attacked by a football hooligan returned to Anfield for the first time.

Sean Cox of Dunboyne, Co Meath, was deployed outside of Anfield just prior to Liverpool's Champions League home game with Roma last year.

The Roma fan Simone Mastrelli was sentenced for three and a half years because of the unprovoked attack in which the Irishman was in a coma.

But today, for the first time since the attack, Sean has returned to Anfield. The man from County Meath was in Anfield at the invitation of Peter Moore, CEO of Liverpool.

Mr. Cox is in the UK to begin a treatment course in a specialist neurological facility in northern England for a first 12-week rehab program focused on developing his language and physical activity.

The attack shocked everyone in the club, including the head of the Red, Jürgen Klopp.

He said, "When it happened, it was the lowest point for me here at LFC. Because it should not happen in life or at football games.

"The love that Sean and his family have for this club has hopefully given him strength and strength for recovery."

Mr. Cox's wife talked to Dublin Live about returning to Anfield earlier this week.

The picture of Sean Cox, shared by Peter Moore.
The picture of Sean Cox, shared by Peter Moore.

She said, "We're bringing him there and that's really positive for him – I think it will be great for him.

"Liverpool was great and they really came on board, obviously they had that [charity] Game in the Aviva … so I guess they will pull out all the stops for Sean.

"It'll give him a boost on Sunday, I think."

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And she also learned about her husband's condition. She said, "He has a 12-14 week program.

"Sean desperately needs a rehab, and that is to improve it … for a better quality of life.

"We do not really know how it will turn out … but we are only there to make things better for him.

"Unfortunately, Sean needs so much more rehab – so we had to see what we can do.

"Otherwise Sean would only be in a nursing home – and we just did not have that, so we collected all the donations."

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Earlier this year, Peter Moore, CEO of Liverpool, presented the Sean Cox Rehabilitation Trust with a check for 748,000 euros.

Stephen Felle, chair of the Sean Cox Rehabilitation Trust, has spoken of strong links between Liverpool and Ireland.

He said, "In Dublin there were people like Jason McAteer who played for Liverpool 20 years ago.

"It's almost an Irish club! Unlike Sean, I was not a fan of life and Martina either, but you just see so many Irish people supporting them, the people in Liverpool were so incredible."