This is the first picture of a man accused after his mother was stabbed to death while he was going to school in Surrey.

The mother of four Aliny Mendes, 39, died by the roadside shortly after the police were called after the woman was stabbed at the London Road junction on Sparrow Farm Road.

Ricardo Godinho, 41, of Epsom, was charged with murder tonight.

He will appear in the Staines Court of First Instance tomorrow.

The case was referred to the Independent Police Conduct Office (IOPC).

Aliny, described as a "warm and wonderful" mom was declared dead at the scene, minutes after the horrible Friday attack.

Aliny Mendes, 39, was stabbed at school

Ricardo Godinho, 41, from Epsom

Her devastated family has already said that she always thought of everyone, but especially her children.

They said that Aliny had "a wonderful heart and that there was no one else like her".

In honoring Aliny last night, her sister said, "My sister was adorable, always thinking of everyone but especially her children.

"She had a wonderful heart and there was no one else like her.He was a caring sister who worried about everyone.

Flowers were deposited at the scene of the attack of the mother of the four

Ricardo Godinho will appear in court

"She always made sure everyone was fine, she was trying to help everyone where she could.

"She loved cooking and organizing surprise parties for friends and family, offering cakes and gifts, she was loved by everyone.

"All she did was for the sake of her children."

The Aliny family said that she had a "wonderful heart"

Police issued a statement from the Aliny family

Church parishioners from St. George's Church in Epsom have created a crowdfunding page to raise funds for his family and children.

One of them said, "She was really charming, there was always something going on in the church.

"We organized a fundraising dinner and helped organize them and raised money for people.

"I've never had it and I would never have a bad word to say about it."

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