Five arrested for detaining a drug buyer in Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra They have arrested five people this Thursday for detaining by force inside a flat on Passeig Sant Joan in Barcelona to a woman who had come to look for drugs, according to sources consulted by EL PERIÓDICO. The victim has warned a friend, who was waiting for her on the street, that the traffickers were holding her against her will and she has notified the police.

The arrival of the agents has caused a stampede. Two have fled through the front door and a third has jumping off the balcony. The victim has also tried to flee by hanging down from the same balcony. They have all been arrested. The five alleged captors and also the woman, who was under a pending arrest warrant.

Stunned citizens

It was only a few minutes to 8:00 p.m. when two people have jumped off from the balcony to the sidewalk Passeig Sant Joan in Barcelona. The scene has left atonic to the testimonies that were circulating at that time along the central street of the Eixample district.

Oriol Alquézar He was walking just below the floor in question when he saw how a man shot out onto the balcony and threw himself into the void without hesitation, from a height of about four meters. “He fell to the ground and pushed another person who was passing by and then, scared, he has run. “He was one of the alleged captors. The sequence had just begun.

A few seconds later, with the attention of several citizens hanging from the balcony, a second woman appeared, the victim of the illegal detention, very young in appearance, and she has taken down the construction railing. Several people, including workers from a pharmacy located just below, have helped the girl to get off the hook without hurting herself. The girl was “in shock“, underline other testimonies. The sequence was missing a third scene more.

Two other men have run out the front door of the building in the direction of Calle de Mallorca shortly after. Have been intercepted and arrested by other policemen, a few meters, on the same walk. Several testimonies claim to have heard a shot at that moment, although perhaps it was only a deterrent shot.

The five alleged perpetrators have been arrested: the one who has jumped off the balcony, the two who have fled through the main door and the two who have stayed at home. The victim has been treated by SEM technicians and placed in a car without a logo. After verifying that she was well, she has also ended up arrested because upon being identified the agents have verified that she had an outstanding arrest warrant. According to the sources consulted, the woman was acquiring drugs to transfer her to another place, not for own consumption.

According to one of the neighbors of the farm, the affected apartment had been a tourist apartment and currently works as a rental apartment.


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