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The coronavirus deprived thousands of Spaniards from enjoying the journey through the history of cinema that the Film Symphony Orchestra (FSO), interpreting great soundtracks of films and series such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Star Wars O The Avengers. The orchestra had to cancel at the beginning of 2020 around 25 concerts throughout the country and Portugal. But this Thursday the formation, which usually brings together more than 70 musicians under the orders of director Constantino Martínez-Ors, returns to the Madrid stages and takes revenge for that absence. “We have wanted to do at least five concerts in the National Auditorium before launching the next project, ”says the driver.

The pandemic situation has revolutionized the program and the scenario of this proposal, in search of health security. The pause has been deleted to avoid movement of the people and it will be a long concert of 90 minutes, whose tickets they are available from 27 to 57 euros. Also, there will be a reduction of the workforce, although only just and necessary. ““ You cannot play the Imperial March with 20 musicians ”, defends Martínez-Ors. The SFO will have 55 musicians on stage so that there is separation between everyone. “It is a curious orchestral arrangement, but it will not influence the sound.” Everyone is going to play a mask, except the wind ones who will wear screens to stop the flow of air and there is a reserve quarry in case some titular musician is infected.

Madrilenian by birth and Valencian by adoption, the conductor has won different awards in the sector and affirms that he feels at home when playing in the capital. “The Madrid Auditorium imposes a lot. It is the temple of symphonic music and has sensational acoustics. I would love to be able to always play in a place like this ”, he confesses.

The project began in 2012 with a tribute to John Williams, creator of the soundtracks of Star Wars e Indiana Jones, among other. Martínez-Ors fell in love with orchestral music thanks to the American composer. “The movie that I have the most affection is E.T. It made me fall in love and sensitize myself to cinema and music ”. She remembers going to the crowded cinema with her parents at the age of five: “That sound is the one that has accompanied me in my life and aroused my concerns. I did not start studying Williams, but thanks to him and Spielberg I am today a conductor ”.

Martínez-Ors had a hard time understanding why people weren’t excited the way he did with symphonic music. “As a child that I have been, I do not understand how this music could not entertain and hook others.” For this reason, when he created the company, he set himself the goal of bringing it closer to young people and he has achieved this through cinema. “We wanted to not have a specific audience and get the auditoriums to fill up with families.” Now they have a very loyal audience that attends some of the 80 concerts that they do annually. “What we do is listen to them a lot and ask them what they like and what they don’t like about the show,” says the director. In addition, they receive recommendations through social networks and letters. “A fan asked us for a plan about kubrick movies. Well, in the end you listen and find surprises ”, says the director.

The FSO has been active during the months of lockdown to support the people. “We launched a concert of the tour in online with comments on the pieces we were going to play. It is available on our website, for those who cannot see us and want to live that experience that we could not complete ”. Also, on the day of Star Wars (May 4) sent messages of encouragement to fans. “We played the song from the cantina that has a very special meaning and we have made it almost a closing hymn at concerts. Because of that festive spirit we wanted to send a nice message at those times ”, says the director.

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