five special Lightsabers that are neither blue nor green

The Star Wars universe has a huge following due to its great characters and storylines, but it also has iconic elements like lightsabers that are powerful signature weapons of the Jedi and Sith.

In general, lightsabers are shown in red for villains and in blue and green for heroes, but the truth is that there is more variety, so today we have five Lightsabers that are special and different from the shades already mentioned (via ScreenRant):

King’s Yellow Lightsaber – Although the yellow color in lightsabers is usually used by Jedi Sentinels, in the most recent trilogy Rey was shown with her own lightsaber in yellow.

Ahsoka Tano White Double Blades – After being expelled from the Jedi Order for a crime she did not commit, Ahsoka walked away and decided to go her own way, so she opted for a white color that makes her inclination clear but is different from the Jedi. These weapons recently appeared in The Mandalorian.

The Dark Saber – The famous Darksaber is also an important political tool as its wielder can rule Mandalore. Like Ahsoka’s double blades, it also appears in the Disney + series, remaining in the hands of Din Djarin at the end of Season 2.

Staff of Tera Sinube – In Clone Wars, Tera Sinube appears wielding what at first glance looks like a cane to help her walk, but hides a white light sble.

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber – A quite striking weapon within the saga that demonstrates the power of Mace Windu, but since it is a combination of red and blue, it is considered that it can mean how it is in a line between Jedi and Sith without crossing to the Dark Side.

And these are just a few examples as there are other weapons with more extreme designs such as the light whip or the double-bladed Spinner like the one used by the Inquisitors.

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