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Android mobiles have always been known for their extensive customization options. Xiaomi for its part makes it super easy for us, allowing us change the MIUI interface layout through your Themes app.

If you like customization or do not know why you should choose when choosing the crowd that Xiaomi offers us, then we bring you five quite interesting options that we definitely recommend you try.

1. Tema Brave v12 | Descargar

We open the list with the MIUI theme Brave v12 as a highly striking option that you can choose to customize your Xiaomi mobile. Its minimalist design gives you a sleek look at the device’s interface, adding several widgets as well.

Tema Brave v12

The changes can also be seen in some applications, as well as in the notification bar. Brave v12 will give your Xiaomi a refreshing style, away from dark interfaces. The theme is compatible on all Xiaomi devices that work with MIUI 12.

2. Magistic Dark | Descargar

Five themes for your Xiaomi that you should definitely try.  News Xiaomi Addicts

Tema Magistic Dark

In second place is a design with multiple Premium features, which is also compatible with MIUI 12 devices, and provides a radical change to the device interface. Application icons stand out with the magical dark background it offers Magistic Dark.

It is a subject that jPlay with enhancing colors, brightness, and shadows. The notification bar takes on a simple, but extremely attractive style. If you are interested in giving it a try, download it by clicking the link above.

3. Azyteck LineUI Vip | Descargar (MIUI 12) Descargar (MIUI 11)

Third is a theme that highlights the colors black, green and blue. The interface acquires a striking design that invites you to explore the many changes. Its background evokes a pitched battle, a revolution, or the setting of an action video game.

Five themes for your Xiaomi that you should definitely try.  News Xiaomi Addicts

Azyteck LineUI Vip Theme

The topic Azyteck LineUI Vip It is compatible with Xiaomi devices that run MIUI 11 and MIUI 12. If you want to give a shocking change to your mobile, then download this theme.

4. Future Light v12 | Descargar

In fourth place is a somewhat different topic from the previous ones. Future Light v12 offers a futuristic look, or in other words, modern. White with gray and silver accents give the device interface a rather elegant style.

Five themes for your Xiaomi that you should definitely try.  News Xiaomi Addicts

Tema Future Light v12

The watch also gets details that make it more interesting to see, given the contrast of colors. The topic Future Ligth v12 It is available for all Xiaomi devices running MIUI 12.

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5. Space Star v12 | Descargar (MIUI12) Descargar (MIUI 11)

Lastly, ideal for lovers of the universe, stars and planets, is the theme Space Star v12. This amazing theme offers a customizable lock screenalong with a planetary background that gives you a glimpse into a fairly distant solar system.

Five themes for your Xiaomi that you should definitely try.  News Xiaomi Addicts

Tema Space Star v12

The notification bar along with the applications, acquire a true minimalist style, by replacing its traditional design with one in which the contours predominate. The Space Star v12 theme is compatible with devices running MIUI 12. However, there is also a version for MIUI 11.

How to install downloaded themes?

Before downloading these themes you must change the region of your Xiaomi. To do this, we access Settings> Additional settings> Region, once inside we change what we have to «India«.

After changing region, all you have to do is download each theme from the link provided and then open it from the Xiaomi Themes application. Once installed, you can return to your usual region without any problem.

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