Flights: why you should clean your passport amid the coronavirus pandemic – tips | Travel news | Travel

However, these covers should be cleaned every now and then to always be on the safe side.

Travel health experts from Vaxxy Travel shared their best advice with to say that they are safe and clean while traveling.

“Before you travel, organize baggage on board essentials to ensure you can stay clean during the flight,” said Parvinder Sagoo, pharmacist and clinical consultant at Vaxxy Travel.

“Things like anti-kiss wipes, sprays, hand sanitizer, face wipes, antibacterial hand cream and face cream and any other items that protect your surrounding area.

“Once on the plane, clean the armrests, the tray table and the window shutter with one of the wipes to make sure the germs are removed.

“Make sure you don’t share food with anyone on your flight, and when it comes to meals on the flight, make sure you clean all the plastic areas you will touch.

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