FLIMMO: Not for children: Solo: A Star Wars Story

20. November 2020

On Sunday, November 22nd, 2020, ProSieben has a new offshoot of the Star Wars series on the program right on time for prime time: “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. The great marketing and success of earlier Star Wars films are already making younger viewers curious. Similar to its predecessors, the latest episode is not suitable for children either.

Intergalactic adventure

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” tells of the early adventures of the shrewd space smuggler Han Solo, who has to deal with all kinds of problems in space. Bankrupt, without a spaceship of his own and unhappy in love, Han embarks on a series of intergalactic missions in his distress. Not only is his vicious client Dryden sitting on his neck, there are also numerous complications in his team that are becoming increasingly dangerous for him. In the end, the hero manages to carry out his mission, to expose the traitors in his own ranks and to successfully defy Dryden. Before that, however, the young adventurer has to prove his skills in wild shootings and action-packed car chases.

Intrigue, action and violence

In the style of the Star Wars saga, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is also a visually powerful and complex film in which action scenes and fighting dominate the action. The spectacular shootings and epic clashes in space can be extremely appealing to children, but equally terrifying. The unreflective use of violence in the fight against evil gives children a questionable way of dealing with problems and conflicts. The fact that the supposed heroes of the film are entangled in dubious machinations and stand against each other for their own benefit can hurt them. The wrong game paired with drastic violence makes the film difficult, especially for younger children. Therefore, the film should not be expected of children under the age of twelve.


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