Aerial view of flooded streets in Doncaster

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A few streets in Doncaster were underwater damaging houses and submerging vehicles

In areas of England that were flooded after a month of rain in a single day, severe flood warnings and lost train tracks remain.

Derbyshire and South Yorkshire were hit hardest by the floods that killed a woman in a river near Matlock.

Seven severe flood warnings, which are considered life threatening, remain on the Don in South Yorkshire.

There are no trains in parts of the East Midlands meanwhile.

Connections on Route Matlock-Derby-Nottingham will be canceled and diversions between Derby and Chesterfield will be available, increasing travel time by approximately 30 minutes.

The River Don, which flows through Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster, reached its highest registered level at just over 6.3m (21ft), higher than in 2007 when it was also flooded.

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Rescuers used boats to reach people trapped in Rotherham

People were rescued on Friday from flood-hit cities.

One man told the BBC that he had taken children from his gym in Rotherham and bathed in water that had flooded the streets outside.

"The entire gym was completely flooded with water," said Neil Wilson.

"We had to wade through water to bring children to the cars so they could come home with their parents.

"The way the car park is is a bit deeper, and when we carried children to the car, it came over our knees."

But there was better news overnight in Saturday, as the torrential downpours decreased.

Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates said, "I think the most important thing is that the areas affected by floods should avoid rain and take a break."

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Children and pets were brought to safety as people evacuated their homes in Doncaster

On Friday, the floods claimed the lives of a woman flushed at Rowsley, Derbyshire, in Derwent River.

Her body was found about three kilometers away in Darley Dale.

The Derbyshire police said that their family had been informed and formal identification was yet to take place.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Matlock on Friday, saying, "People have been driven out of their homes and hundreds of companies have probably seen damage to their homes.

"We stand ready to help in every possible way."

As for the cause of the floods, he added, "We're seeing more and more floods – maybe because of the construction, almost certainly because of climate change.

"We have to prepare and invest in these defenses."

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