‘Flora and Ulises’ make a superhero team in this clip from the new Disney + movie

According to Flora, an imaginative little comic book fan, superheroes help those who need it, and who have one thing in common: they never appear in the real world. That until the arrival of Ulysses, a squirrel with unexpected abilities who begins to communicate with Flora and her family through a typewriter.

From this point on, Ulysses shows all kinds of features that are not characteristic of his species, being one of the most prominent andl to be able to communicate with the little girl in the house, that, aware that all superheroes have a mission, even if they do not identify themselves at first, gets down to work to discover the purpose of Ulysses.

Thus, in this exclusive clip of ‘Flora y Ulises’, the movie that lands on Disney + this February 19, we discover the superheroic side of Ulysses in a scene in which this squirrel teases Flora (Matilda Lawler) and her father (Ben Schwartz), who have stayed out of the car with the keys in it. George Buckman, the little girl’s father, shares the limelight with his cynical daughter, a girl who is immersed in a process of understanding and acceptance of her parents’ recent divorce. Alyson Hannigan plays her mother, Phyllis, and Danny Pudi plays Ulysses’ nemesis.

Now yes, for the whole family

Disney +, which has spent its first year in our country focusing on an offer focused on the smallest of the house, finally reaches the status of a platform with options for everyone. It does so from the hand of Star, a brand that will include together with ‘Star Wars’ or Marvel within the platform, and under which he will launch all kinds of fictions for adults. So in this month of February, specifically from 23, in addition to releasing proposals for all audiences such as ‘Flora and Ulysses’, Disney + launches films such as ‘Deadpool’, ‘Titanic’, ‘Pretty Woman’ or ‘Die Hard’; and series like ‘With love, Victor’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ or ‘The X Files’.

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