Florida and Miami-Dade increase COVID-19 infections and deaths amid attempts to hide the numbers

Florida is the second state, after Texas, with the most deaths from COVID-19 since July. Photo: AP

Democratic Senators from Florida told Governor Ron DeSantis that it is not time to end the daily official reports of COVID-19 amid a “rise” in cases and hospitalizations “during the pandemic, which this Saturday reached 16,118 deaths in the state.

The latest data reported today by the Florida Department of Health shows an increase in trends, both in daily cases, with 4,044 more in 24 hours, and in the rate of positives, which rose to 5.19% of a total of 77,517 tests carried out on Friday.

According to the daily bulletin, the cases already add up to a total of 752,481 people infected with the new coronavirus since last March 1, when the first patient was reported.

Faced with the possibility of replacing the daily report with a weekly one for budgetary reasons, Senators Lori Berman and Janet Cruz reminded the DeSantis Government that the trend of the pandemic is on the rise.

Those infected in Florida are concentrated in Miami-Dade County, with 177,893 cases and 3,537 deaths to date, Broward (80,820-1,506), Palm Beach (48,870-1,487), Hillsborough (45,275-745) and Orange, where the city ​​of Orlando, with 43,302 cases and 530 deaths.

Only Texas has overtaken Florida in deaths since July 1, according to The COVID Tracking Project platform.

Berman and Cruz stated that the costs of hiring staff for the daily bulletins should not be a limitation, noting that there is no better investment than public health.

“Make no mistake, this political trick would be an affront to public health and the right to understand the trends of the cases,” they said in a statement.

They recalled that 41 states in the country are experiencing increases in new cases and that “no state is experiencing a decrease.”

The senators indicated to Governor DeSantis, a political ally of President Donald Trump, that hospitalizations in Florida are increasing as ICU bed capacity is decreasing and emergency room patients with symptoms similar to COVID-19 are increasing.

According to today’s report, there are 46,976 hospitalizations.

“We would like to recommend that the governor ditch President Trump’s hackneyed playbook of obfuscation and stay the course in transparent daily reporting.”

Trump, who holds political rallies of his re-election campaign ignoring distancing measures and the use of masks, such as one yesterday Friday in Ocala (Florida), has even called into question the effectiveness of the use of masks.

The United States reached the figure of 8,040,922 confirmed cases and 218,455 deaths from the coronavirus this Friday, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University.

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