"It's very clever of the G.O.P.," said Mr. Silver. "You know that there is no evidence of fraud."

Daniel A. Smith, chairman of the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida, said 41,000 Floridians had requested mail-in ballot so polls were simply flooded with polls to count after election day.

"My position is very honest: it is very unlikely that fraud will take place anywhere," said Smith. "There is a capacity problem with so many elections coming in on election day."

Mr. Scott has claimed fraud in Broward County, even though the state has run Dr. Snipes has monitored during the election. The State Election Department instructed two staff members to oversee how the elections were conducted, visit polling stations, and watch the preparation of voting equipment and procedures.

The monitors did not make fraud reports.

"Our employees have not seen any signs of criminal activity at this time," said Sarah Revell, election spokeswoman on Saturday.

The chances that Mr. Gillum, who drops by around 34,500 votes or 0.42 percentage points, and even Mr. Nelson, who is lagging behind with less than 13,000 votes, or about 0.15 percentage points, after a recount at the top seems to be low According to veterans from the President's report in Florida in 2000.

Marc Elias, attorney at Mr. Nelson, has claimed that a machine error would still make fewer votes for Mr. Nelson – a problem that would only be seen in a manual recount.

"After all, the ballots are what they are," he said. "The voices are what they are."


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