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FC Barcelona returns to the Champions League today with a duel against the French ACCS in search of a pass to the ‘Final to Eight ‘. An unprecedented duel in the European competition but in which the participants know each other very well.


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Cristina Moreno

In the macro-project of the Gallic club that has caused such a stir in the neighboring country is Ricardinho, one of the best players in the world and former Inter Movistar. Another ex of the Madrid team, now in the ranks of Barça, Daniel, will meet again with several of his companions of the time as Ortiz or the coach of the French team himself, Jesus Velasco.

For this encounter, Andreu Plaza has the casualties of Lozano Y Adolfo. Yes it will be Ferrao that he returned to Cartagena with good feelings. In the ranks of the rival may not be Coelho, sanctioned, although yes Edu, the new signing.

The match is played at the Palau Blaugrana behind closed doors from 9:00 p.m. We will tell you live on

For our part, this has been it. We hope you have enjoyed this victory that has ushered in the fight for the title in Minsk next April. Have a great weekend!

We review. ACCS took the lead through Edu and Ferrao with one minute to go in the first half scored the equalizer. The final goal came from Ximbinha with five minutes remaining, culminating in a lethal counterattack.

How it has cost. Much credit to this ACCS against the current European champion. Velasco’s team says goodbye. We see Ricardinho congratulate the Catalans one by one. Low Lozano to the parquet to celebrate with his companions.

FINAAAAAAAAAL! Barça will be in the Final a Eight next April.

Ricardinho has had it! It fell on his bad leg, caught him on the wrong foot and could only send the ball high.

uyyy, here it seems that the game is over. The Ortiz-Ricardinho connection was lost. While seeing Andreu Plaza card that cannot be still.

Another one that saves Dídac! Barça is suffering a lot in this last minute. All the bench standing.

Oops Mohammed. He has shot as he arrived, very heeled on the right wing. You’re pressing ACCS.

It was Ortiz’s turn to put on the black goalkeeper player jersey.

Velasco is already playing it with the goalkeeper-player. All or nothing for Parisians. Less than three minutes left. Coelho enters Barça, first minutes for him, a specialist in these 5 against 4 actions.

Dangerous foul for ACCS. Mouhoudine will serve who will look for Ricardinho. It came to him, he kicked directly, luckily the ball went out but reached the post.

Velasco calls for a time-out, which informs his players that they have already fouled five. He demands patience from his players and marks a possible play for later because he no longer has time-outs.

Yellow for Aksentijevic for touching the ball with his hands outside the area. Fifth foul of the Parisian team that complicates life in this match.

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