England – Chelsea

Now Deputy Dean Smith at Aston Villa, John Terry will meet Chelsea and Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night. His former teammate Frank Lampard, now manager of the Blues, is confident that the welcome that will be reserved for him will be at the height of his history with the club.

Frank Lampard (Chelsea coach): "I faced him twice last year and we get along very well. I have tremendous respect for him and for the work that he and Dean Smith have done with Aston Villa. So, I think it's more about John Terry and probably the welcome he's rightly received from Chelsea fans.

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He was the most successful captain, the greatest captain. He won everything. He has feelings for the club and everyone knows it. The fans will certainly show their gratitude and I'm sure it will be very emotional for John (Terry). He deserves this moment and I will certainly be happy to see his face back to Stamford Bridge. "