England – Tottenham

The coach of the Spurs relies on the qualities of Christian Eriksen this season, despite the refusal of the player to extend the adventure in London.

While his contract will end next June, Christian Eriksen does not seem at all inclined to prolong with the Spurs. It is increasingly likely that the Danish midfielder wants to continue his career under other skies. Under these conditions, the London club could be expected to take sanctions against the player and put him away from the professional group. But this is not the case, according to Mauricio Pochettino's latest statements.

"Decisions are always made based on performance"

"Christian is happy here, he always was, and he never said otherwiserecalled the Argentinian. Before the match against Arsenal (2-2, September 1st), he had the right mindset and that's why I summoned him to the group. After five years here, he is always appreciated and his qualities are always there. He deserves to play, so of course he will play. It is not because he has less than a year of contract left that we will decide something else. Decisions are always made based on performance. "

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