For all Mankind

A new video of the popular series “For All Mankind” is available on the YouTube channel of Apple TV +. In this case, it is the second season of the series and Apple also launched an augmented reality application for users in the United States.

The company is totally committed to its series and is working to be able to give continuity to a service that many users continue to have for free thanks to the promotions launched from Apple itself. In many cases users who bought an Apple device have it free until the end of July this year.

In this case the firm leaves the video of the first impressions of a series that is being a success in the platform of video in streaming of Apple:

Several of the protagonists of the series appear in this new video published by Apple when there are a few days until the premiere of this second season. This second season will begin airing next Friday, February 19.

This series that falls within the cataloged science fiction series is Created and written by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi. The series was produced exclusively for Apple TV + users. For those who have not seen any episode of this we can tell you that it lives “what would have happened if the world space race had never ended” after the USSR successfully carried out the first manned lunar landing.