An Iranian migrant who fell into the water while trying to reach England has been missing since last Saturday. It could be the first case of migrant died during the crossing of this maritime area with strong currents – and in which several people have already disappeared, according to testimonies of survivors and associative activists.

An Iranian migrant has fallen into the
Channel, Friday, August 9, while she was trying to reach the coast
English aboard a boat that numbered 19
other people.

This migrant death is the
first listed in this maritime area. The victim would have fallen
boat in which she had taken place and her
body was spotted at around 44
kilometers off Ramsgate, in south-east England. of the
the British and Belgian Coast Guard, for the
have been interrupted Saturday, August 10.

"Our thoughts are with family and friends of this
woman during this terrible ordeal ", responded the Ministry of the Interior
British, in a statement. "Cross the Channel in a small
boat carries great risks. The criminal gangs that perpetuate these
acts are ruthless and do not care about losing lives. "

An investigation for disappearance was entrusted to the
Kent police, England. The other 19 people on board
this boat, including four children, all from Iran and Iraq,
were taken over by the UK authorities.

"A brilliant and intelligent woman"

According to a source close to the file cited by the newspaper
The Times, the victim was described by his family as "a
brilliant and intelligent woman, a doctoral graduate, who wanted to start
a new life".

If the death of this woman were to be confirmed, he
would be the first official death of a migrant attempting to cross the English Channel,
sea ​​in which 1,200 migrants ventured to join
England since early 2019.

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year, the crossings of the Channel have decreased significantly "

Unofficially, however,
rescued migrants speak about disappearances in the waters
of the Channel. "We have already been warned that
people had gone overboard in their boat"explains an informed source to InfoMigrants.
But no one has been found. I am convinced that there are bodies that have
not recovered. "The density of the traffic, the important currents, the
shoals and the permanent wind make this crossing very dangerous.

In September 2018, a body was brought back by the waves on
a beach near Calais, adds this source: "In my opinion, it was a
migrant who had gone overboard. "

"The Channel never makes bodies"

Cases of disappearances are
plausible, in turn, François Guennoc, vice-president of
the Auberge des migrants association. "This
sea ​​never makes bodies […] We have
only found the corpses of two Syrians on
the Norwegian and Dutch coasts. We knew that they had left
Calais because they wore combinations bought at Décathlon. They had
probably drowned while crossing the port of Calais and their bodies, protected by
these combinations, found themselves [au large de la
mer du Nord]. "

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manage to make believe that crossing the Channel is easy. It is

August, the day of the disappearance of the Iranian migrant, thirty other migrants,
two of them in kayak, were intercepted and taken to the English coast,
as they tried to cross the Channel. On the same day, 11 people, including
several teenagers, were rescued off Boulogne-sur-Mer then
that they had fallen into the water. Only three of them were
equipped with lifejackets, according to our information.