The Brexit, whose date has been postponed several times, remains "anxiety"For the French maritime economy, said Tuesday several actors in this sector at the Assises of the Sea Economy in Montpellier. "It's a challenge we would have done well"Commented Hubert Carré, Director General of the National Committee for Marine Fisheries and Marine Livestock (CNPMEM).

"The consequences are catastrophic for French fishermen", he added, speaking of a long process "anxiety"And a"double uncertaintyOn fishing quotas and the effects of Brexit. "Fish did not vote BrexitHe quipped, "the United Kingdom and the European Union will have to find solutions so that fleets can continue to workWhen the former EU member has become a third country.

"We were ready in March, we were ready in October …"Said Stéphane Raison, on behalf of the French Ports Union, which remains"mobilizedEven if he isdifficult to wait for an event that does not happen.The chairman of the board of the port of Dunkerque recalled that 60 to 70% of Britain's trade is via French ports and that ro-ro transport involves several million trucks a year.

For Jean-Marc Roué, President of Brittany Ferries, France must especially «to fight" and invest "several million euros" over several years in communication to retain and "seduceBritish customers. "Everything that has happened since the referendum (June 2016 with the vote in favor of Brexit, ndrl) does not matter to me, the question is what is put in place for the future"Said the president of Brittany Ferries, a French company whose 80% of customers are British.

He cited the importance of avoiding bugs in new IT processes and systems related to tariffs. And envisioned a computer puzzle for the Brexit night, when boats will leave Britain while she is still in the EU and will arrive when she becomes a third country.