Mike Laidlaw, former head of BioWare's Dragon Age series, works as a creative director for a new project at Ubisoft Quebec.

You know Ubisoft Quebec as the studio that led the development of this year's brilliant Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and the pleasant Assassin's Creed Syndicate from London.


It is a fascinating step. Quebec's Odyssey is a massive Assassin & # 39; s Creed role-playing game, clearly influenced by BioWare. It has a main character that is shaped by your choices, missions with different branched story paths and the ability to connect with other characters that are found in the game.

And now one of BioWare's most prominent former employees is working directly on what Ubisoft Quebec is building next.

Laidlaw worked for almost a decade with Dragon Age, as lead designer on Dragon Age 1, later as creative director and overseer of the entire Dragon Age franchise at later rates. Previously, Laidlaw had worked for many years as a leadwriter on other BioWare games such as Jade Empire.

In May, Eurogamer's Wes talked at length about his 15-year career with BioWare: Laidlaw's first day, his work on Mass Effect, Dragon Age 2, and more. It's a great read and essential for BioWare fans.

In addition to chatting with Eurogamer, Laidlaw worked as a creative consultant for other game studios last year, notably for the success of Kickstarter RPG Waylanders. Laidlaw has been working with Quebec for some time. Now it's official – and he's always moving there.

"I always knew that someday I would return to Triple-A as soon as I found the right team and project," says Laidlaw wrote on Twitter today. "Spoiler: I was at Ubisoft Quebec and I'm so excited to finally talk about it!"

So is Laidlaw the closest Assassin's Creed from Quebec? Perhaps. But Quebec has just announced that it will create 200 new jobs and open a separate, second location in the city – more like room for a completely different team working on something else.

The evolution of the last four Assassin & # 39; s Creed games has alternated between the studios Ubisoft Montreal and Quebec. Ubisoft Montreal is probably next to the Origins project last year. Ubisoft has already announced that it will not release Assassin's Creed game in 2019 (Odyssey will receive dozens of hours of new content instead). So, if the game of Montreal arrives in 2020, the Quebec game will continue in 2021 after that?

And above all, we're expecting an announcement from Laidlaw's former BioWare counterparts on the next Dragon Age game earlier this week at the 2019 Game Awards. The currently unnamed project – the fourth major Dragon Age game – will not be around for a few years expected. Maybe Laidlaw's project will start at about the same time?