Former NBA player suffers great consequences after appearing in a drunk video with strippers

Paul Pierce was one of the great protagonists of the champion team of the Boston Celtics in the 2008 season, and has suffered in the last hours harsh consequences after the broadcast of a video where he is drunk and surrounded by strippers. The video, which quickly went viral, has cost the MVP of those finals dearly, as he was fired from his current job as an NBA analyst and commentator on the US network ESPN.

The 10-time All-Star chosen, he had collaborated with the prestigious North American sports network since 2017, however, after the scandal that occurred on social networks, he was dismissed, reported the New York Post. The controversial video showed the former Celtics, Clippers, Nets and Wizards striker, surrounded by drunken and semi-naked women, while playing poker. During the recording, you can also see a stripper caressing him, while others dance behind him.

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After the publication of the news about his non-continuity in one of the most recognized sports networks in the world, the former player and legend of the Boston Celtics, uploaded a video to his social networks smiling and accompanying him with the following message: «Greats will arrive soon things, don’t forget to smile.


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