Keith Raniere
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Two weeks have passed since the NXIVM process began, and with each new testimony against Chairman Keith Raniere, the details of abuse in this case have become increasingly worse.

BuzzFeed reports that Mark Vicente, a former NXIVM manager who became a whistleblower, left the organization after "more than a decade" after learning about DOS, the secret NXIVM wing that is accused of continuing sexual abuse , "I had the feeling that something really bad is going on," he said on Tuesday at the court. "My instinct screamed," something is not right. "He described NXIVM as a" scam. "It's a lie, it's a well-intentioned veneer that covers the terrible evil."

Vicente also said when confronting Raniere with some of the women in the organization who had "thin skin … translucent", Raniere said he had "tried" to break it – specifically Allison Mack, who Smallville Actors and DOS representatives.

From BuzzFeed:

Vicente, a filmmaker, testified that Mack and the women in her inner circle were obsessed with calories and were extremely thin. He said he had brought Raniere his concerns about Mack's weight loss and told him that Mack looked "horrible" and that "she looks broken".

"Well, I'm trying to break it," Raniere replied, Vicente said. Raniere wiped his worries off, he said, telling him that it can not be so bad, since Mack was still getting her period.

The New York Times reports that Vicente also testified about another wing within NXIVM, called the "Society of Protectors Complete," who advocated the enforcement of what he called "formalized misogyny."

From the times:

[Vicente] Women in this group were given mantras to repeat, "teased" about their clothes, and had to carry weights for a long time. One woman, Clare Bronfman, the alcoholic from Seagram, received a suspender belt, Mr. Vicente said, as a sign that she was too self-conscious. Mr Vicente said that the sessions were convincing, encouraged by Mr Raniere, that men are the "referees of reality" while women are "coddled" and "less than human".

"They were shells of their own," he said of the women in these sessions. "They almost looked like they had been beaten into submission."

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The process against Raniere is still ongoing. Nancy Salzman, president of NXIVM, has scheduled a trial for July 10, and NXIVM financier Clare Bronfman has scheduled a trial for July 25.